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Internet Marketing Delhi believes in natural SEO process. We have always designed websites which are naturally SEO friendly and appear highly in the search engine result pages.

SEO Website Design For New Websites
The overall performance of a website in a search engine depends heavily on Website Design. If SEO is considered first while website designing then a suitable design with good apearence and search engine friendliness can be easily done. Doing so also reduces the cost of SEO Services as they say "Well Begin is Half the Battle Won".

SEO Website Design For Existing Websites
We can easily adapt any existing website design with nice appearence and negative search engine presence for SEO Services. With very litlle changes in website design and almost no changes in website appearence website can be easily optimized for higher search engine result listings.

The actual turmoil for an existing website design depends upon the size and complexity of the website design in question. For small organisations we advice to get their home page and one more web page optimized for the most deserving keyword or phrase. After its inclusion and reflection in search engine results, they can guage the leads they are getting and based on that they can set their future strategy.
SEO Services and Web Design
This is one truth that most SEO Experts will not tell you. SEO Services can't benefit you if your web design is compromised because our work does not end by just taking your website to #1. But we have to consider your conversion ratio also, if the conversion ratio drops so would your interest in SEO Services.

Search Engine spiders loves content, they do not read images and flash animations. But for visitors' attention these things need to be done. So what is the solution? One Line answer would be to present the information as the visitors want and structure the html as the spiders want.

As for this simple logic we would ask you for considering revision of your web design (actually the under lying structure). We will make the web design table less (CSS based) without changing the outlook of your website. We have done this transaction successfully many times before. The latest on this date would be the AFGTODAY website.

Once done you would yourself realise the power of this change. Your website will become fast loading and your search engine listings will improve drastically. Remember one thing, Google has always focussed on content based websites and is lessning the power of external links when compared with websites' content.

As more and more companies are getting aware of SEO services benefits, hence a website listings needs to be monitored and supervised continuosly. Therefore Internet Marketing Delhi offers a montly maintenance module to maintain your website listings on top page. Rest assured we have never failed in claiming the #1 position for any SEO client we have worked for.
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