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Search Engine Marketing Delhi FlowChartOnline mass mailer is one of the industries best mass email tool from Internet Marketing Delhi. With the help of our mass emailer you can create, send and track the performance of your newsletter.

Our mass mailer is an online web application which allows you to:

* Mail Queuing facility; where you can queue up mails for delivery and set instant delivery also. You can log off after queuing the mail. The process of mail sending will be carried in the background.

* The tool is an online web appliction and can be used from anywhere; your work place or your home, just by passing a simple login authentication.

* Create newsletters on the fly with Integrated HTML Editor (WYSIWYG). Full Images processing and flash processing support is also enabled by default. 

* Keep track of all your prveiously send newsletters. You can reuse it whenever you want by resending or by editing it.

* Multiple attachment support of upto 10 MB per mail. All your attachments get saved on our server and will never be deleted untill you do so.

* Test mail sending feature; by using which you can test how your maill will look when recievd by your prospects and subscribers.

* Complete reporting of mail delivery in your own account no need to open another inbox to check the delivery failure messages.

* Very less anual membership fees startng from 10000 INR.
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