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With our help, you can use database marketing to create fully personalized email communications. Gather information online and then use it to segment people into groups in order to target them more effectively.

All data gathered online is stored in our database and can be used to pre-populate forms and start familiar dialogue with your audience. Keep in mind that great database marketing campaigns intelligently integrate traditional offline marketing with an online element or campaign web site.

We have a huge databse collection ready for you already. The database we have is maintained and segmented by the top notch data mining experts and you have to pay only for the listings you're interested in. Sorry!!! We do not sell these listings nor do we provide a copy of these to you.

But what we can do, is to send your emails and newsletters to the segment of data you want to and that too at a very low cost. Be asured of the delivery, as all the email delivery reports will be send to you.

If you're using our online mass emailer, you will be able to view the lists you have paid for in the send to list section. You can also add addresses to those list of ours. We promise to never user listings added by you for any other client or for our self marketing procedures.

We provide a seperate server space and a seperate copy of our email tool is configured for every client, so the new listings you add or modify are not accessible to any other client of ours or even to us.

You can manage your online marketing campaign very effectiively with this support. So look no further!!! you have found the site you were looking for. Just call our executive and get started with  the process of online database and email markeitng.

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