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Search Engine Marketing Delhi FlowChartAdd your effects  to our - Mass Mail Tool

Although our mass mail tool have all the standard features and being a full in-house development company we keep updating it. But as they say "Beauty Lies in The Eyes of The Beholder", you may still find it missing something or you may find that a certain thing should not be done the way it is.

Whatever may be the case, we are here to help you!! We provide full customization to our mass mail tool. You can preview and test it and then discuss with us the updatings you require. You will be provided a maximum possible 'as you say' product within a short span of 72 working hours. (limited to the amount of customization required).

if you're already using our online mass emailer, and want something new or extra features you're looking for some time. You're most welcome!!! You can easily switch from online mass tool to customised online mass tool with zero switch over time and all listings being exported also.

We can also provide a module wise update to your up and running mass mail tool.

Just feel as if you have hired a development team for managing your online mass mail tool. We are here to provide you with full support round the clock.

Our mission is to be first - first in the technology inovations and adaptions, first in pioneering new technologies and of course, putting you first.

Feel free to ask for a demo (obviously sending mass mails are not enabled in the demo  but you can use all other features and the send test mail  to see how our tool works and how your mail will look like).

have a nice day!!!
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