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Content Analysis ServicesWhat Internet Marketing Delhi Content Analysis Service is?

You have just built a new site for your online business - so why isn't anybody visiting it? Or maybe you have a long established site but it still doesn't rank highly for your preferred keywords? Maybe your content is not search engine friendly or you are not building enough links or the quality of the links is not good enough? Or could it even be that a competitor is sabotaging your site?

Our site analysis service is the way to answer these questions and identify the things that need to be fixed or improved about your site.

We analyze your site, we detect possible problems, and we give you recommendations for improvement.

Ordering this service does not obligate you for any further services. Once you receive the results of your site review, it is up to you whether you would like to continue your SEO campaign on your own, hire some other SEO company, or hire us to continue working with you and take care of your online promotion needs.
What You Get When You Order Site Analysis from Us?
Our site analysis report includes:
* Onsite optimization analysis: meta tags, titles, descriptions, site copy, etc.
* Your site's internal navigation structure
* Search engine friendliness - can your site be indexed by the search engines?
* Accessibility issues
* How well your site is indexed by the main search engines
* Number of inbound links
* Your rankings in the main search engines for main keywords
* Main competitors: their link popularity, age, quality of links etc. vs. yours
* Other possible issues and specific recommendations

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