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Search Engine Marketing Delhi FlowChart Article marketing is a type of advertising by writing short articles related to business' respective industry. Once written, the business makes these articles freely available for distribution and publication in the marketplace. Each article contains a 'bio box' and 'by-line' which include references and contact information for the author's business.

Well written content articles released for free distribution have the potential of gaining the author business credibility within his or her market, as well as new clients.

With the rise of ecommerce and online marketing, article marketing has made a move to the online world as well. As in traditional forms of media, online article marketing has served the dual role of providing publishers with essentially free content and advertisers with essentially free advertising. However unlike the off-line version, there are additional dimensions to article marketing online.

Most notable among the differences is the use of articles for search engine optimization. Articles are written to target particular keyword niches, and distributed to content publishers that cater to those markets.

Authors are able to target their audience with informative content, sent to an already interested group of readers. Many online article marketers enjoy the low cost of this advertising venue, thus have written 100s and some 1,000s of articles.

One online article writer has written 12,900 articles. These prolific article authors also enjoy the abundant backlinks and when the aritlces are sent out RSS (real simple syndication) this only multiplies the exposure and number of backlinks.

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